What is Tantra?

Ancient Tantra Wisdom


Definition of tantra

: one of the later Hindu or Buddhist scriptures dealing especially with techniques and rituals including meditative and sexual practices

also : the rituals or practices outlined in the tantra


What is a customized Tantric session mean?

*the modalities of the different treatments can be individually chosen

*the techniques to Awaken the Kundalini are very simple and require a small time commitment to set the Intention each day to create desired results

*being coachable and follow up with simple steps through my guidance will lead to huge breakthroughs

*how to change your Neuro- Path ways to transform bad habits and negative emotions is based on science and highly effective

Real testimonials


"Ivanka is a highly skilled Tantrik Master, that will bring out the best in you, if you let her" 

Joe fr TX

"Ivanka is not just skilled in the erotic department but combined with teaching one how to grow the souls capacity, she is a leader in her field" David fr CA

"Because of Ivanka, Me and my Wife have experienced the deepest Love we did not know was possible growing continuously inside" 

Becka & Rob fr NY



*Please provide references for verification purpose or suggestions how you can be verified! Don't expect last minute or late appointments without verification.

*Members of P411 are welcome and verifications can speed up the process 

*Late Appointments for in-call or outcall need to be respectfully scheduled ahead of time

*gifts/donations should be placed in open sight with or without envelope

Cancelation policies & how to reschedule an Appointment


Ivanka has a 48 hour cancellation policy for local Appointments and it is 50%.  When Ivanka travels and you have to cancel, you will loose your 50% deposit down when she is touring. I understand we are all busy people with busy life's and respecting each others time in today's world is a key component. If Ivanka has to cancel, your deposit can be applied for a future Appointment or can be fully refunded!

Touring to your city



*If you like to book a future Appointments with Ivanka and you would like her to visit your city a minimum of two Appointments is required, as well as a 50% deposit down. 

*If you like to fly Ivanka in to your city for an individual Appointment or a private Tantric dinner $600 additional for flight expense plus hotel room is required!