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Do You Like To Awaken That Spark...

that Spark of Deep Love Inside of Yourself?

My name is Ivanka Flower. You might have seen my ads, met me in the past or had an encounter with me. I am a real and mature woman with experience. I am self-confident and fully aware of Who I Am. I have been a well known VIP Entertainer. Just a few years ago I left the business. I went on a Journey of self discovery and traveled the world. I always knew I was a natural healer and that I had special talents.
But it was not until my soul journey  that I discovered my purpose to help & heal others. I have had many masters that taught me many amazing things like how to transform Kundalini and sensual energy and direct it towards manifesting, healing and expanding my soul IQ. The fact that you found me means something special. There are no coincidences! I am glad you are here.


What will you learn and experience?

*Awaken that spark that is pure infinite Love

*Love yourself like you have never loved before

*Awaken the Kundalini creation energy, awaken that Inner pure Joy

*Destress your body & mind anytime

*Create longevity through pure love inside

*Experience a Deeper Happiness within

*Learn to really love your partner and everyone you choose

*Transform your life in a short time

*As a result self healing abilities will  increase

*Erase the past and everything that’s not supporting you!


My girlfriends

Schedule a session with Ivanka Flower and one of her girlfriends. Do you want to be a better lover? You will apply what you learned and you will have the opportunity to test out how powerful this knowledge is. Together, you can enjoy all the bliss, relaxation and the Love that you deserve. What You will get are tools how to shine in Life/Relationships and getting really related to a Woman . 


*I work with a male sexological bodyworker and together we can offer couples a beautiful tantric ceremony and simultaneous healing massage *we also offer private Tantra teachings to couples

Suggested Donations/Gifts

For 9 hours overnight /travel Retreat or if you have something special in mind please email me!

On-line Workshops and consultation is available

1 hour $250 by Appointment


Different Modalities

What is available inside the Tantra Sessions that can be customized?


There are many possibilities to get the session started with getting you relaxed! From the Hot Stone Massage to an Infra-Red Sauna, a VRCR  (Violet Ray Crystal Resonator) treatment or just lay on the Amethyst Crystal BioMat as well as a BioGenesis Crystal treatment are available! Ivanka Flower was also certified at Dr Pearls -The Reconnection-

By the Time...


You start the Tantra Techniques session You will be relaxed and open minded to receive!

Available To


Men, Women and Couples


I am a spiritual teacher. I am not an Escort. I am an artist and teacher of advanced TANTRA. The Technologies I teach are not wide spread and hidden just for the one's that find them and are supposed to have them. Any money and donations are received as a gift. I do not participate in any illegal activities. Please come with an open mind and you will receive more than what you expect.

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Do you have questions about the sessions? Are you interested in something you don't see here? I am open to customize your session or Package. Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon. 

Ivanka Flower Tantra

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